10 Marketing Strategies Your Company Needs in 2017

With each new year, businesses look for great techniques to add to their marketing strategies. Each year brings new trends and to remain competitive, business owners know they should pay close attention to what savvy marketers are doing. As you build your 2016 marketing strategy, here are ten things to consider adding to your campaigns.

Onsite Content

You’ve likely worked hard to perfect your content marketing efforts through writing for external sites and adding content to your own blog. But many businesses have neglected their on-site SEO. This includes making sure your titles, tags, and META descriptions are optimized, as well as using Google Sitelinks to boost your search rankings.

Customer Experience

If you aren’t seeing your marketing efforts through your customer’s eyes, your competitors likely are. Customer experience has been labeled the future of marketing, with brands investing in customer experience experts to help them improve their marketing efforts. Through tools like marketing segmentation and customer feedback, you can improve your own campaigns.

Data Analytics

If you aren’t already using analytics to inform your marketing efforts, 2016 is the year to start. When you monitor how each social media post, article, and whitepaper affects click-throughs and sales, you have the information you need to redirect your efforts if they aren’t working. You can also learn what does work and use that information in developing future campaigns.

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